I’m Back!

First of all, I’m sorry guys for abandoning you all. It’s been a very long time since I wrote something. I’d tell myself, “I just don’t feel like it.” And for over a year, that was my reason. Perhaps some of you missed me. Dark times…I tell you. 2014 wasn’t my best year. At times, it felt like there was a cloud above my head that just wouldn’t go away. 2014 was a stepping stone year. Sacrifices to get through and achieve big goals. The big picture, if you know what I mean. I finished uni and now I have my dream job lined up. Thank God. But it did take a lot of hard work and perseverance. And now I’m back (with a vengeance) and one thing to say:

No one can tell your story so tell it yourself. No one can write your story, so write it yourself.


Daily blessings



It all seems like a whole lot of words, but there are key words and phrases in this message that draw my attention such as sweat and blood; shortcomings; strive; enthusiasms; worthy cause; triumph of high achievement; and daring, that make me want to strive for more. All of life is a learning curve. The energy that you manifest to the world, is the energy that you receive back. When someone treats you badly, it is a reflection of who they are as a person – toxic.  Treat others the way you’d like to be treated, and this type of kindness will come back to you tenfold.