I feel like a creative kid with really nice hand writing wrote this. It’s all true. I honestly couldn’t agree more.


Alexandria Park & My Sweet Summer Love Playlist


Today I decided to take a breather and randomly sit on a bench in Alexandria Park, after I finished at my fashion internship for the day. Something about the way the people were taking their kids for an evening stroll, or their dogs for a little ball game on the green turf, just made me want to stay for a little while. I walk to my internship in Alexandria from the station. It’s not too far of a walk, but enough time to just enjoy whatever playlist I recently created on Spotify. Right now, I’ve got my Sweet Summer Love playlist going. It’s an old-school fusion of Stephen Speaks, Howie Day and Westlife. It reminds me of my old high school days when I used to put my earphones on, bop my head to the music as I walked home every day from school. There was no rush to get home, so sometimes I’d take the long way home because I liked a particular song and just wanted to listen to it on repeat. Those were the days, right? Simple. Carefree. But at the time, you hate life because you have braces, acne, “He doesn’t like me back” dramas, teenage angst and self-esteem issues. When I look back on those days, I throw my head back and laugh. I was like a cute, nerdy, sporty, shy kid. Or in short, someone who didn’t know herself yet and was just going with the flow.

If I was a tree,

I’d grow pretty leaves,

And I’d sway in the summer breeze.

(From the song, Always on My Mind by Mandi Mapes)