Shameless Selfies & Deep Fried Goodness



One day, the 2 C’s and I planned a ‘fatty scheme’ to head over to the Gelato Messina pop-up stall in Hyde Park after work, where the Sydney Festival Village was being held. I would have liked to try everything, but I settled on a popular creation called The Messinawiener (aka The Pluto Pup aka The Dagwood Dog) ($9.00). It’s a baton of maple syrup gelato coated in pancake batter, on a stick, deep fried and crispy then dipped in plum sauce ‘ketchup’! We got too busy taking shameless selfies for Instagram, that mine ended up melting. I still ate the whole thing! I remember laughing with Cara because we found a table and two chairs, but the wooden table was extra wonky with 2 empty beer bottles. We thought it was meant to be.  To our surprise, we were caught taking selfies in the Gelato Messina @ Sydney Festival Village 2014 video (1.58 & 2.01). We looked really happy. We were really happy.





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