Churros & good music on the radio

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of churros/Spanish doughnuts (deep-fried dough, which is predominantly a choux—based ‘snack’. Some people eat them by the dozen. I’m serious.). So the other day I was well…lying on my death bed at home. Ok, that’s a little exaggerated. I was cooped up all week on what seemed like ‘house arrest’ because I was suffering from a severe upper respiratory tract infection. Hungry for some form of communication with the outside world, I think I pretty much messaged a whole bunch of friends with I hate to say it, but pity text messages, pretty much. I just needed some form of human contact, otherwise I felt like I was slowly going insane all by myself. I didn’t want to have to resort to talking to my spoodle, Charlie. With his friendly puppy dog face and affectionate and playful nature, it was very tempting to say the least. But anyway, bazinga! [Insert Big Bang Theory reference]. A friend messaged back with no plans scheduled in for their Friday night. After expressing my random desire to play board games and eat chocolate pizza, my suggestions were appreciated, but put aside, to say it gently. We agreed on a Friday evening master plan though (drum roll please)…to have coffee. It didn’t happen.

IMG_4291 IMG_4267

We went to Sushi Bay in Westpoint, Blacktown instead. I don’t think I’ll ever get over sushi trains. I think because when I was a kid I was deprived of going to such places. Maybe my mum thought a Happy Meal at McDonalds would be easier, cheaper and make me just as happy. Sushi trains are such a different way of eating. You see something you like, you make a quick decision to eat, so you spontaneously grab it off the moving sushi train before it has moved too far away to reach. Choo-choo! It’s such a joy, don’t you agree? Once you take it off the train though, it’s yours! I always feel too embarrassed to place it back, even though I have admittedly performed the act in a very sneaky manner in the past. The sushi plates are matched according to price, so it’s easy to know how much is what, as they have small colour-coded signs around. The portions are small, but the quality is splendid. I like it when I see a bit of steam on the plastic cover of the sushi plate because it hints that it’s freshly made! Also, I love how when you enter the place they all say, “Irasshaimase!” (歓迎/welcome). It’s kind of cool how they acknowledge your presence right from the get go. It’s a nice feeling for a customer, especially a hungry one.

After finishing at Sushi Bay, we craved something sweet, but Max Brenner seemed like too much of a regular hang out. Since B felt like churros and I just wanted to go for a drive (any place further than Blacktown), I was pretty keen driving to Parramatta…with directions. I have such a bad sense of direction, but I’m working on it though! My dad tells me not to drive my super old ruby red Toyota Camry (‘the spaceship’) too far, but I was in a YOLO-kind of mood, so I said what the heck! The look on B’s face when I told them this car isn’t meant to be driven too far, it was classic. Apparently, it was to take us 15-20 minutes from Blacktown to Parramatta. With the endless stream of traffic lights, it took double the time, but it didn’t matter because I seemed to have gotten carried away by the good music playing on the radio. I’m assuming because it was Friday night, they had their pre-planned/strategically selected party mix running. Also, I think I just kept talking the whole way through (as usual). I guess when you only see someone only a few times a year, there’s just so much to say.


Walking into San Churros, the vibe was quite relaxed and pleasant. We shared the new Classic Fondue for Two, which comprised of melted milk chocolate fondue served with mini churros, chocolate nut brownie, banana, strawberries, white nougat, salted caramel macarons, pretzels and marshmallows ($24.95). The night before I was flicking through channels on TV, and I came across this tourist guy in Switzerland, dipping a giant strawberry in chocolate fondue and relishing at how delicious it tasted. “Mmm…mmm…” Ok, I get your point, Mister! Of course, it instantly made me jealous! So I just had to get it. Good B agreed to the shared fondue. For those of you who have never experienced fondue (mind you, you are missing out), it was originally a Swiss dish of melted cheese served in a caquelon (communal pot)  over a portable stove called a réchaud, and eaten by dipping long-stemmed forks with bread into the cheese. The term fondue derives from the French verb fondre, meaning “to melt.” Believe it or not, fondue was a classic peasant dish. In Western society, fondue has been generalised to other dishes in which small pieces of food, often fruit or sweets are dipped into a communal pot of hot liquid, usually a melted chocolate mixture. Hashtag fun!

IMG_4289 IMG_4265

Looking at the San Churros menu, we had the belief that it wouldn’t be too large of a dish with teeny weeny pieces of scrumptious sweet treats. We got full! The churros were light, fluffy and crisp – cooked to perfection with icing sugar sprinkled on top. We both weren’t a fan of the nougat. I guess there were better things on the plate. I like pretzels that are baked fresh with a nice crunch, but the ones we had seemed a little stale and soft. While the melted chocolate tasted superb, they were a little stingy on the serving (I could have drank it all in one go, but of course I had to show dining etiquette and be considerate of the other person since it was a shared meal). But all in all, we thoroughly enjoyed it! Fist-pump. I kind of like churros now.


Church Street, Parramatta has changed. Above is a modern contemporary street art installation, that was hanging above the road. Throughout Parramatta, is a range of both permanent and temporary art pieces, which provide a unique insight into the city. Using a diverse range of materials from stone and steel to sound and light, a number of artists have created interesting art forms that just make you want to stop and stare for a moment, ponder and interpret the meaning behind the art piece and the selection of material, colour, etc., and then of course take a photo of it to post on Instagram later. Hell yeah! For memories, right? A photograph paints a thousands words as they say. Also, we do live in a digital world after all. On a Friday night, it’s buzzing with people having a girls night out, a family dinner, after-work drinks and those enjoying a little date night. The ethnic mix of people seemed quite diverse with people of all ages happily walking about in the streets. Finding parking was smooth. There are a few parking complexes situated close to the restaurants along Church St. The one we went to was Secure Parking (Erby Place), opposite Sicilian Restaurant. The rate was quite reasonable also. I think we stayed 1-2 hours and payed $10. To top the night, we saw 2 look-alike Barbies in a glossy red BMW convertible. They had the whole dyed platinum blonde hair, fake tan and pearly white teeth thing going on. They must have been on the prowl that night. We burst into laughter.


Yours truly,

from a 22-year-old who thinks a nice, mellow summer breeze, great conversation with an old friend, and good food is the perfect way to spend a chill Friday night.


Thoughts, queries, feelings. Let it out. Tell me here.

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